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3 Methods in Cocking Your Crossbow

It is important to cock your crossbow perfectly straight as it directly affects your accuracy. There are 3 methods in cocking your crossbow:

  1. Manual Cocking (Traditional)
  2. Using Rope Coking Device
  3. Using Crank Cocking Device
Manual Cocking (Traditional)

This method is considered to be the most traditional method do to the fact that you will need to put your foot in the stirrup then reach down and pull the string back manually with your hands. This method is not for everyone, especially for those that are disabled or have had any back problems do to the fact that you will need to pull a draw weight ranging of approximately from 130-150+ LBS depending on which crossbow you have.

Some things to consider when cocking your crossbow is to make sure to draw back the string perfectly straight, by pulling one side more than the other can cause for the string to lock into the trigger mechanism incorrectly giving you an inaccurate shot. By using this traditional method you avoid paying extra for a any trigger mechanism or rope coking device.

Rope Cocking Device

A rope cocking device can be really helpful, this rope cocking device comes with two handles (similar to those on a pull-start lawn-mower), two string clips, and a rope that connects it all together. You will need to position the two string clips on to the crossbow string and at the same time keep your foot on the stirrup. Then by using the minimum force you will just pull back and lock the string straight into the trigger mechanism. This rope coking device will only limit an individual to pull back approximately 50% of the draw weight of the crossbow. These rope cocking devices are reliable and inexpensive they can range from $18-$25.

Crank Cocking Device

The Crank Cocking Device is highly recommended to those individuals that are either handicapped or have had any back/shoulder injury. This device is designed to be fully adjustable into the stock of the crossbow for a low-profile fit. As you install the crank device into the back stock of the crossbow, you will need to position the two hooks onto the crossbow string and then you will start to turn the knob of the crank device on the back of the stock till the crossbow string locks into the trigger mechanism. These cranks devise functions similar to the one in a fishing rod. Crank cocking devices are very helpful because they acquire the minimal force to draw back the string, the only disadvantage of this device is that it is rather expensive and can range from $80-$150 depending on which crossbow you are trying to attach the crank cocking device. Other than the price this crank cocking device is really convenient to any crossbow hunter.

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