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Are Crossbows and Vertical Bows Different

Compound BowsNew archers and experienced hunters that have this common misconception that crossbows and vertical bows are drastically different from one another. There is some truth to the fact that they are different from each other, but it is not by as much as these people would lead you to believe. There is the vertical bow that is shot similar to how Robin Hood or Katniss Everdeen would shoot their bows. Then you have the crossbow that is shot, as you would see on an episode of the Walking Dead. At first glance, they look more different then they really are.

A vertical bow can come in two variations. It can either be a recurve bow as you have seen shot in Robin Hood and the Hunger Games. It can be a compound bow that uses a system of cams and pulleys to harness the draw weight that is being pulled back when you shoot it. You would use one hand to pull the string back, while the other hand is on the riser (the actual bow handle part). You would not pull the string back until you were ready for the shot because you would have to hold that weight during the shooting cycle. The longer you hold it, the quicker you will get tired. If you continually hold the draw weight, you run the risk of hurting your shoulder and ending your hunting trip early.Crossbows For Sale

When you are firing a crossbow, you use a slightly different method to shoot the arrow. A crossbow is shot more like a gun, because it has a trigger mechanism that releases the string. Imagine that you are shooting the vertical bow that we mentioned earlier in a horizontal manner. That is the basis behind how you would shoot a crossbow. Crossbows will be heavier than their vertical bow brothers will because they have the addition of the rifle-like stock. Both of these weapons have the same goals and the same method of achieving those goals, which is to penetrate an animal with an arrow that has a broadhead on the tip.

The biggest gripe that people have when we say that vertical bows and crossbow are more similar revolves around the issue of having to hold the weapon at full draw. When you are shooting a vertical bow, there is no mechanism that allows you to hold the device in place while you aim. The only way that you can achieve the full draw is by doing it manually. When you are using a crossbow, there is a locking mechanism that holds the string at full draw, which is not seen as even by many vertical bow shooters.

These weapons are more the same than people would lead you to believe. They both require the shooter to practice in order to be a good shooter. There is no truth to a crossbow being easier to shoot than a vertical bow. With both the vertical bow and the crossbow, you are going to reach similar speeds. The arrows are going to travel at approximately the same speed and will have comparable trajectories. Shooting either a vertical bow or a crossbow is merely a preference.

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