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Arrow Rest Buyer's Guide

A great and precise arrow flight starts with a great arrow rest. And arrow rests are essential equipment for any bow hunters.

Flipper Rests Rest is a device that serves as a support on the bow, and it keeps the arrow secured in place until the projectile is fired. It is important since it helps improve the aiming and shooting precision of users, and it is vital to carefully choose the best arrow support because it can greatly affect one’s shooting accuracy. There are three main categories of rests in today's market: Prong or shoot-through rests, cradle rests, and drop-away or fall-away rests. The prices run from as cheap as under ten dollars for the simple "Flipper" rests, to the most complicated designed "Drop Away" rests, which cost more than $100.

When you purchase an arrow rest, make sure you check the following features:

  • Easy and quick to setup
  • The weight (it adds weight to your bow set!)
  • Right or left handed models (make sure it matches your bow)
  • Easy to adjust/tune with windage and elevation
  • Make sure it work effectively with the type of arrow you shoot. (Material, diameter, weight and etc...)

Here are the three main categories of rests:

Prong or Shoot-through Rests

The most common types of rests, which have two slightly separated prongs wherein the arrow will pass through. The shoot-through arrow rest is ideal for most shooting activities; however, one of its disadvantages is that it sometimes fails to completely secure the arrow in its place.

Cradle or Containment Rests

It literally holds the arrow in place and is preferred by most bow hunters. One of the flaws seen by users of this arrow rest is that it damages the vane or feathers of the arrows when frequently used.

Drop-Away or Fall-Away Rests

A combination of the strengths of the shot-through and containment arrow rest and is preferred by most experienced archers. It is also known as the fall away because when the arrow is fired the rest falls or drops away automatically. Unlike the Cradle and shot-thru arrow rest, the drop away rest is preferred by most experienced archers because it does little damage to the arrow fletching.

Furthermore, it is also ideal to use during archery competition as well as bow hunting because it can accommodate vanes that have different sizes. This is also more expensive compared to the shot-thru and cradle arrow rest.


When looking for the perfect arrow support accessory one of the things to consider is the purpose of buying it. One should decide whether the device will be used for bow hunting or competition. For finger shooters, it is wise to consider the use of pressure/plunger rests because it reduces the vibrations when firing the arrow. Aside from this, seeking professional help in choosing the perfect arrow support accessory can also narrow down the choices making it easier to decide which one to purchase. It is also vital to set a budget to ensure that one will not overspend.

Finally, to be successful in archery one must not just depend on all the accessories that offer precision in aiming and shooting an arrow. The key to cultivate one’s archery skills is to persevere and practice often.

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