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Barnett Crossbow Review

Barnett Predator Crossbow

Barnett-Predator-CrossbowThe Barnett Predator is a crossbow like no other. It is one of the first planned releases for the year 2011 with numerous features that make it one of the best in line of crossbows available for the said year. It has the patented Barnett anti vibration isolation or AVI, enabling the unit itself to absorb the shock and vibration each time a bolt or arrow is shot. It comes in at a very light weight capacity of 8 pounds, besting other crossbows in being easy to handle and user friendly in the weight aspect. It has a higher fps or feet per second capability of 375, besting older Barnett models that can only attain up to 350 fps for every arrow or bolt fired. The word predator is indeed the best word to describe this model since it is perfect for hunters.

This Barnett Predator also comes with the Barnett standard features that has made the said brand stand out from the others. It has the well known Veloci speed cam that comes with the synthetic cable system that allows it to produce the aforementioned 375 fps shot. It comes with a high density gas stock which is composite, enabling it to be lighter and easy to maneuver than other crossbows. It also comes with the red dot scope attachment that allows any user, beginner or expert, to shoot arrows at good accuracy. It comes in different designs but the most popular one is the camouflage style, the perfect style for hunting and target shooting alike. It costs a little higher than other bows with prices ranging from $500 up to $750 depending on the attachments and upgraded features that comes with it.

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Barnett Buck Commander Crossbow

Barnett-Buck-Commander-CrossbowThe Barnett Buck Commander is another 2011 model released by the Barnett brand. It has taken the Barnett Predator to a higher level with added features and capabilities that competitor made crossbows cannot hope to offer. It comes with a 14-inch power stroke and 126 ft. pounds of energy that can produce whopping speeds of 350 up to 365 fps or feet per second for each bolt or arrow fired. It also has the Barnett AVI technology or anti vibration isolation that allows each shot to be fired without making loud noises. In fact, the noise produced is reduced roughly by 15% up to 30% due to its laminated limbs provided by the Barnsdale technology. Thus, the Buck commander can provide faster and less quiet shots than other models.

This Barnett Buck Commander also comes with the new triggering system called the ADF system. This system prescribes the maximum weight for the trigger at around 4 pounds each pull, enabling any person of ages 10 up to 70 to easily pull it. The whole unit itself is lightweight, coming in at 9.5 lbs. It also comes with the necessary style and fashion that has made it one of the classy crossbows available in the commercial market today. It is also compatible with the multi-reticle scope that showcases the red dot sight that illuminates the color red when a target is locked upon. This will enable the user to have an easy time targeting and shooting bolts at precision point and with utmost accuracy like never before. If you are after an easy to use bow then this is the perfect unit for you! Targeting and shooting has never been this easy and effortless.

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Barnett Revolution AVI Crossbow

Barnett-Revolution-AVI-CrossbowThe Barnett Revolution AVI is another crossbow coming from the world renowned authority in crossbow-making, the Barnett Company. From the model itself, this Revolution AVI comes with the newly developed anti vibration isolation technology incorporated within its limbs, enabling for smoother and silent shots each time. Thus, this Revolution model is perfect for hunting and other similar sports that require precise shots that do not make loud noises. The Revolution unit can also fire shots at velocities ranging from 320 fps up to 345 fps or feet per second, the standard amongst crossbows available in the industry in this day and age. It also comes with an energy drawback of 112 ft. pounds and a power stroke of 15.5 inches, such energy and power stroke more powerful than other Barnett units.

This Barnett Revolution comes in at a catch weight of 9.5 lbs. Such weight is perfect for people who have difficulty in carrying heavy objects and for individuals who simply want a lighter bow that they can take anywhere. It is compatible with arrow lengths of up to 22 inches, unlike other brands that can only accommodate up to 20 inches. Its synthetic cable system ensures that the strings and cables that are used to fire the bolts and arrows will not break under any amount of pressure. It is also compatible with the red dot scope system that enables for easier targeting and locking on to both steady and moving targets. This is the Barnett made bow is the perfect model for both expert and newbie users alike. No other crossbow unit can offer the same features as the Revolution.

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