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Barnett Crossbow Review

The Barnett brand has been around for the past 50 years. Thus, it has been the key figure in innovating bows, crossbows, arrows and bolts alike for the last half century. Weapon specialists and experts have given the Barnett name tons of very satisfactory reviews for the past decades, making it one of the most trusted brands in the history of weapon manufacturers both in the United States as well as other parts of the world. In order to know more about the Barnett brand, it is necessary to review some of the crossbows that it has released for the past 5 years, some of which are the following:

Barnett Quad 400 Crossbow

Barnett-Quad-400-CrossbowThe Barnett Quad 400 crossbow is one of the best choices that the Barnett brand has to offer. It has been made and developed over a longer period of time than other crossbows, making it one of the most innovative bows available in the market. It comes in a newly redefined camouflage finish perfect for any day or night time shooting and practice. It has an easy to pull 4 pound trigger that can allow individuals ages 8 up to 80 to easily pull the trigger without exerting much effort on their part. With its patented synthetic cable system, the user is guaranteed that the strings will not break under enormous amount of pressure, allowing maximum performance each and every time. It is power, durability and stability all combined into one powerful unit!

This Barnett Quad 400 also has a scope that is machine mounted, meaning such scope has been built into the body of the bow itself. It also has the Barnett “Veloci Speed” feature that allows its user to deliver high speed arrows with precision and accuracy that cannot be found in other crossbows in the market today. Arrows and bolts can thus be shot at a whopping 300 up to 350 feet per second, allowing shooters and users alike to hit targets without any difficulty. The best thing here is that these Quad 400 units come at affordable prices starting at $100 up to $500 for brand new units, perfect for both budget minded people and individuals with the money to spare. If you are after the style and elegance that only the Barnett brand can offer then this is the perfect model for you to choose and avail of.

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Barnett Quad AVI Crossbow

Barnett-Quad-400-AVI-CrossbowThe Barnett Quad AVI is another innovation in the field of bows and arrows introduced into the weapons industry by the leading authority in bows and crossbows namely Barnett. It has the newest feature of the Barnett line namely the AVI or anti vibration insulator that lessens the vibration every time an arrow or bolt is fired from the unit. Thus, even if the user fires successive shots that contain huge amounts of power, his or her hand will not be strained since all of the vibration will be absorbed as soon as the bolts or arrows are released. The price of this unit comes in a little higher than others, ranging at around $250 up to $500 for brand new ones. Thus, both budget minded people and individuals who can spare the finances can avail of this Quad AVI model anytime, anywhere.

This Barnett Quad AVI is in reality the evolution of the Quad 400 model, the same unit that has sold tens of thousands of units all over the world in the past 5 years. It offers the same features such as the 4 pound trigger that affords less stress on the hands of the user every time a shot is fired. It also has the same CNC Cam also known as the “Veloci Speed” high energy camera that can produce fast arrow speeds that can go up to 345 fps or feet per second. It is also light weight and easy to handle, enabling any bow user to easily adapt and use it to shoot high quality shots each time. It has another brand new capability in its stock design since it can house more bolts or arrows in its arsenal, making it stand amongst the top of the line models of the Barnett brand.

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