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Bow Sights Buyer's Guide

It requires a lot of practice and patience to attain consistent accuracy in aiming and firing arrows. On the other hand, devices like the bow sight were developed to help archers and bow hunters improve their shooting skills.

A bow sight is a small device attached in the bow to attain better aim. It functions as a guide and help users predict the direction that the arrow will travel. Some of the major features of this device include fiber optics, bubble levels, and gang adjustments.

When you purchase a bow sight, make sure you check the following features:

  • Durability: Metal will last longer
  • The weight (it adds weight to your bow set!)
  • Number of Pins
  • Easy to adjust/tune with windage and elevation
  • Bubble levels
  • Peeps and kissers

Here are the three main categories of bow sights:

Adjustable multi-pin sights

This is the most popular type of sights in the market. It is easy to adjust with large knob and with 5 pins, you can just choose the pin and shoot from different distances.

Adjustable Multiple Pins Bow Sight
Single pin bow sights with bubble levels

Single pin gives you a large clear vision while aiming your target. And bubble level quickly tells you if your bow is torqued.

Single Pin Bow Sight
Swing type bow sights

These sights are specially designed for treestand hunting. It comes with a pin that swings which automatically adjust for distance.

Swing Type Bow Sight

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