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Are you looking for a packaged deal for your crossbow accessories? Here at, we offer a few packaged accessory deals. We are putting together more packages, but these are the ones that we currently offer. Adding a little something to your setup can make for a much more enjoyable experience. We currently offer the Horton Ultimate Accessory Kit (Compatible with any Horton Crossbow) and the Excalibur Right Stuff Accessory Packages.

The Horton package really is the ultimate package. It offers anything and everything that bears the Horton name. The case that it comes with will fit most crossbows. Arrows, broadheads, and field points are included so that you can fire away instantly. A cocking rope is included for easier cocking. You can enjoy this buy while you are sitting at home watching your Crossbow Chronicles DVD, while wearing your new Horton hat! The Excalibur option opens up the door to an array of accessories. Please make sure you choose the right crossbow when purchasing these packages as they might be compatible with all crossbows. Keep on the lookout for more packaged deals to come!