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Crossbow Packages Buyer's Guide

There are many crossbow packages available and at a wide variety of prices. These will cater to all types of users, from hunters to the target shooter, the advanced and the beginner. Packages can be less than $500 and reach well-over $1,500. The packages, despite prices, come from some of the most well known names, such as Barnett, TenPoint, Horton and Excalibur.

Crossbow Packages under $500

Barnett-Wildcat-C5-CrossbowSome examples of packages under $500 would be a package available from the well known Barnett. The Barnett Wildcat Package comes with the C5 Crossbow and a Mulch-Rectile scope, both amazing tools. Other features are a thumb-hole grip for extra control and lightweight construction material. This brand is often thought of as a brand made for hunters by hunters. MSRP: $324.99 for a camo version with red dot or 4x32 scope, quiver and four arrows.

Horton-Summit-HD-CrossbowHorton Summit HD is another great budget bow from another famous brand Horton. It has enough power to take any game with accuracy to drive tacks. A great starter crossbow for anyone new to crossbow or just on a budget, and the Summit HD will handle your most demands. MSRP: 349.99 for a camo version with a 25mm red dot scope, quiver, and three arrows.

Crossbow Packages from $500 - $1,000

Tenpoint-Turbo-XLT-CrossbowThe TenPoint Turbo crossbow is evolved from its CLS models and features with light and compact engineering; a velocity rating of more than 300 feet; technology to reduce spring vibration and sound; and technology to aid in and speed cocking. The new ACUdraw 50 technology dramatically reduces the draw weight by 50% to help hunters draw the crossbow more accurately. MSRP: $999.99 for camo version with 3x Pro-View scope, which is adjustable from 20 - 40 yards and has illuminated dot and crosshair configuration, quiver, and arrows.

Horton-Vision-175-CrossboThe Horton Vision 175 features Front String Technology which makes it extremely compact and provides optimal balance for the crossbow. It also comes with leading technology scope; front string placement which makes it very compact and foldaway; a velocity rating of more than 310 feet per second; and a light trigger. MSRP: 849.99 for a camo version with 4x32 scope, quiver and 3 arrows.

Crossbow Packages Over $1,000

TenPoint-Defender-CLS-CrossbowFor those looking to spend more than $1000 on a package and get some incredible technology, it is the TenPoint Series Defender CLS that should come to mind. This comes with technology to make loading and shooting more accurate; a velocity rating of more that 325; compact limbs which can be folded for transportation; a long stock length for accuracy; camouflage coloring; a pro-style scope; arrows; and spring vibration dampeners. MSRP: $1,099 for a camo version with ACU Draw with 3x Pro-View scope, Quiver, six arrows, and a Wedgie retention spring dampener.

PSE-TAC-15-CrossbowThe PSE TAC 15 is one of the most accurate and powerful crossbows on the market. The only crossbow that uses a nocking loop on the market can shoot over 400 fps and over 120 yards with 425 grain bolt. Main features are rail-less design, which makes it compact and easy to carry and adjustable stock for a good fit. The new PSE TAC 15i features a fully adjustable stock and crisp trigger. MSRP: $1,499.

Choose The Right Crossbow

There is an incredible choice of crossbow packages all designed to meet various owner and user needs. The beginner looking to get involved in the hobby is advised at packages. Piecing together your own package will meet your exact wants, but it will be very expensive. Buying a low price package will get the beginner an introduction into the world of crossbows and what they have to offer.

The more experienced user can also upgrade or simply try a different package to see what a different manufacturer has to offer. Since this is a long term hobby for many people, the amount of experimentation that will occur with equipment will vary. As progression occurs from hobby to more serious and competitive, the user will want to get an idea of what various manufacturers can provide and what best suits them.

As well, the use for the crossbows may change over time. Perhaps the target shooter will make a jump into the world of hunting and have to change up their equipment quite a bit. A package designed for this will help them become acquainted with what works best for them. Or, on the flip side, the hunter looking at target shooting may also find new needs require different tools. There is a large selection of crossbow packages, all made by quality names, and can give every shooter what they need.

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Mission Mathews Sub-1 Crossbow in Black with Pro Package Mission Mathews Sub-1 Crossbow in Black with Pro Package


  • Speed (Up To): 350FPS (400GR Arrow)
  • Physical Weight: 7.5LBS
  • Draw Weight (Adjustable): 200LBS
  • Trigger Pull: 3.4LBS

Sale Price: $1,599.99