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America’s Top Crossbow Manufacturers: a Brief Overview

Crossbows are the weapon of choice for the outdoorsmen who want the convenience and the power of a pistol and the excitement of bow hunting. It isn't as restricted and regulated as guns (although there are strict regulations for hunting). It is also a fairly lucrative niche, what with the said hunting season and target competitions held all over the country. Crossbows are generally expensive though; the tactical ones can cost up to $1,600. However, you can always find beginner models for as low $50. Here are some of the world's well-known crossbow makers, producing gear for the beginners, expert marksmen and everything in between.

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Barnett Crossbows and Crosman Archery

Darton Archery and Diamond Archery

Eastman Outdoors and Excalibur Crossbows

Horton Crossbows and Parker Crossbow

PSE Archery and Tenpoint Crossbow Technologies


Barnett Crossbows

Barnett is a leading name in the world of crossbows. All of their main lines crossbows are made in US, and they make both re-curve and compound models. When it comes to innovation, Barnett is the byword in the crossbow makers' industry. It has sold over a million crossbows in a span of 50 years; a testament to the company's claim that every new Barnett crossbow is built to be faster, stronger and better; not bad for a company which has risen from a hobby.

Some of the technology offered in their re-curve model is a red dot site of adjustable intensity. This allows the shooter to adjust the target light strength based on lighting conditions. Other technology is a built in cranking device that makes it easier to load and cock.

Barnett crossbows are engineered to meet the needs of the avid hunter – as well as the novice archer, the expert marksman and the slingshot enthusiast. It was pioneered by the self-cocking mechanism of the Commando crossbow, followed by the first compound 'Demon' model, and the Quick Detach Front end feature which are found on every Barnett crossbow. Nowadays, Barnett crossbows are regarded highly for its power, performance and value for money; making it the top choice of people who are looking for weapons built for the kill.

Some of the technologies included in the Barnett weapons are its patented Magnesium STR riser, an anti-vibration (AVI) isolation system such as AVI limbs for extreme wear and tear resistance, AVI Bolt retainer and Foot Stirrup for silent and speedy release, Gordon/Barnsdale laminated limbs, GAM composite stock for optimum lightweight-ness and compactness, light trigger pull and a pistol-like grip. It even has ergonomics down pat with its adjustable stock and cheek piece.


Crosman Archery

Crosman is better known as an air-gun manufacturer. It was incorporated in 1924 when the Crosman Brothers sold out to Frank Hahn. While most of its history involves the development of BB guns, the company has recently delved into the production of high-quality crossbows.

It has a long-standing reputation of manufacturing dependable and solid products at a very reasonable price. When most crossbow makers where focusing on accuracy and power to cater to hunters, Crosman targeted the novice archers and started to manufacture crossbows of a purely recreational quality. Today, they are known to produce crossbows, such as the Teton which has the earmarks of bone-crushing performance.

Crosman crossbows feature Quad limb designs using solid stock, sculptured hand guards, pistol grips and reduced forward weight for ergonomics; as well as technologies like the Lightning Touch trigger and Precision Optics. Note that these crossbows can only be bought as a package, which is not a bad thing since accessories included are the very handy quick-detach quiver, a cocking assistance rope and the mentioned optics. Crosman tapped sister company Centerpoint for its easy-to-operate scope with its elevation and windage adjustment turrets and brass knobs producing audible clicks. The Teton launches arrows at an excellent 320 FPS. There is hardly another crossbow that can match the Crosman's Teton in power (in its class range).

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