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America’s Top Crossbow Manufacturers: a Brief Overview


Darton Archery

Darton has over 60 years of experience in the manufacture of archery supplies. This crossbow maker is well-known for its fast-shooting crossbows that have captured the interest of crossbow enthusiasts. Darton has managed to imbue balance and dependability into its crossbow line with topnotch materials and workmanship. You'd be surprised that Dalton nails the aesthetics aspect as well.

Darton is one of the oldest companies in the field. It was established in 1950 as a division of Container Specialties, a manufacturer of leather goods for mill workers. The business also provides products for Detroit's automotive industry, which made the nature of the trade seasonal as the auto industry shuts down during the summer (in that period). The owner of CS then decided to venture into the production of archery supplies such as gloves, thanks to its leatherworking division, and eventually moved on to produce high-performance crossbows.

Darton archery manufactures crossbows with efficient alloy energy cams and hard-anodized Teflon impregnated barrels. It also features an aircraft-grade aluminum riser which makes for lightweight and solid crossbows. It also has the innovative rifle-style safety feature and an adjustable butt plate. Cocking the Darton crossbow is easy, thanks to the patented E-Z draw cocking winch. The Darton crossbows also have a rugged trigger mechanism that makes for a smooth pull, and an anti-dry fire mechanism.


Diamond Archery

Diamond archery was a leading manufacturer of archery supplies and equipment. Bows manufactured by this company is deemed to be the best cam bows in the market. In 2004, it was acquired by Bowtech technology. Bowtech took the archery industry by storm in 2000 when it developed the Black Knight, which was marketed with the tagline "the world's fastest bows" and challenging other manufacturers for a chronograph-judged competition. The unprecedented sales resulted to rapid growth. Today, the Diamond Archery line is marketed by Bowtech and shares some of the technology of the latter.

A notable example is the Center Pivot technology featured in the Iceman compound bow and the Stryker crossbow. The technology attaches the bow riser near the center of the limbs. This provides great stabilization and control of the laminate split limbs, resulting to overall balance. Another shared technology is the FLX guard. It is a cable containment system that tackles the effects of too much cable tension and in inflexible cable guards. The FLX guards flex inward when the bow is drawn, absorbing the brunt of the cable guard torque that would have put a toll on the riser. It provides additional tune-ability and accuracy.

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