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How to Customize a Sniper Crossbow

We recently had a customer purchase one of our most popular crossbows, the Man Kung Sniper MK-150A1PB Crossbow from website in October, 2010. Since then our customer has made some self modifications and upgrades to enhance the accuracy and comfort level of the crossbow.

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The customer started by attaching a Black Leather sling that would allow for a easy carry and shoot while out hunting.

Black leather sling added (cost $25) Original weight 5 lbs 7 oz. Customized weight 7 lbs. 6 oz.


A Grayling Lite N uff quiver was added that holds 4 arrows will make it easy for the hunter to get access to the arrows quickly.


The customer made a upgrade to the scope by attaching a 4 x 32 Dual Red-Green Illuminated Rangefinder Scope with Multiple Rectiles and flip-up caps (cost $50). Dovetail Rail removed and Weaver 20mm Rail installed. And also along with the Red Laser point, attached a Green Laser that will reach up to 100 yards that will assist with hitting a further out target and pressure pad attached with tri-rail scope rings.

The lower one is a green laser and the top one is a red laser included in the pro package, or you can get the red laser from our store.


Originally there was no cocking mechanism included with the crossbow, our customer attached a white pulley to the stock of the bow so that he could add on a Excalibur Cocking Rope that will allow for a even faster cocking of the string. Thumb pressure pad for green laser.


The last modification that our customer did was to the stock of the crossbow. To make sure our customer had spare strings and tips on him at all times, he added a Colt Rifle Buttplate (cost $25) has a trap door for storing extra strings and tips if ever needed.


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When purchasing any of our Man Kung crossbows all of our packages are fully equipped to handle all of your hunting needs and if needed they can be modified to our customers liking. Even having spent extra more money to customize his bow to his preference, our customer has been very pleased with how accurate and efficient the crossbow has been working for him.

Thanks for one of our customers: Wghunter, who shared his DIY customized Sniper hunting Crossbow with us.