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Matrix 380: The Best New Excalibur Crossbow for Sale in 2014

If you have been looking for an Excalibur crossbow for sale, then the thought has probably come into your mind as to whether or not you should get their new Matrix 380 crossbow. Going through their lineup you can see that it is one of their better new crossbows Excalibur does have the mega 405, but let's face it, a 290 pound draw weight is a heavy load to bear. Keep in mind, that if you are using a rope cocking device, that it will be a much more manageable 145 pounds. Unless you are hunting truly big game with thick hides, I believe that the Matrix 380 is the best option in their lineup.

I know that many of us out there (myself included) want to get the biggest, and most sophisticated setup that is on the market, but that is not always feasible. 405 for my hunting needs would be overkill, and I wouldn't want to have to suppress the noise that comes from a crossbow with a 290 pound draw weight. There were many factors that went into the purchase decision for me, but when all was said and done I ended up getting the 380.

The first thing that shooters will notice about the Excal is that it is smaller and lighter than many of the other recurves that are on the market. It is 30'' uncocked. This slimmer profile is a great addition to the new Matrix 380 as many hunters have had gripes with older Excalibur models overall size. It is also extremely light for the power that it is putting out, weighing in at a mere 5.9 pounds. I tend to hunt in tight quarters and I like to get into places that no one else will go to, so having something that has a small profile was a big deal for me.

This crossbow is also very powerful for its compact size. When I tested out the speed, I noticed that the Matrix 380 was consistently able to deliver between 110-115ft. pounds of kinetic energy. This fell well within their stated range of 112.3 ft/lbs. As stated earlier, I mainly use this to hunt whitetails, but if I wanted to step up to something larger, I would be able to accommodate those needs with this crossbow.

I have always like to keep things simple. Recurves have always had my eye whenever I would upgrade my setup. The 380 exemplified why I have yet to venture to the realm of the compound crossbow. I quickly popped a crossbow stringer on the bow and I was able to change it in under 2-1/2 minutes!

Excalibur has made their name, by making well constructed bows, and the Matrix 380 is a prime example of that. There have been some people out and about that have made some complaints about the trigger. I have personally never had a single issue with mine, and I think that it is better than the trigger on their Vortex (which was another high selling model). If you can find this Excalibur crossbow for sale, then I would recommend that you jump at the offer.