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Nothing Compares to Morrell Targets

Morrell TargetsIf you participate in the sport of archery then you know that there is a lot of practice that goes into being a good shooter. You have to constantly practice, and prepare for when you will actually head out into the field to hunt, or when you fire your first arrow at the competition. Many of the compound bows on the market are shooting arrows at 300 feet per second and beyond. When you consider this, it is important that you understand what type of target you should be using. I prefer to use the various different versions that Morrell Targets makes because of everything that they have to offer.

Morrell Targets opened up its doors in 1968 when Dale Morrell took an idea for a target and turned it into a business. They are constantly developing new technologies and are always evolving. This is important, because if they were not one of the pioneers in the target business, we might still be shooting at compressed hay bales. It might sound okay initially but there is no way that we would be able to shoot those bales (with the speeds we have now) without having them implode. They offer quality products for every type of target that you could think of shooting.Morrell Targets

The thing that I enjoy most about Morrell Targets is that they can take a beating and the arrow removal is not difficult. You are not limited to shooting most of these targets with just an archery bow. This is great news for someone who wants to practice with his or her crossbows. Morrell targets came up with one of my favorite targets, which is the Yellow Jacket. The design on this target allows you to see every aspect of this target because it comes in its signature yellow, red and black design.

The Yellow Jacket comes in many different shapes and sizes such as bag designs and box designs. They offer different weight specifications so that you can choose one that is to your comfort level. The box target that I am fond of is the Supreme II Broadhead Target. It is 100 percent waterproof, but I would still recommend that you keep them in a cool dry place to prolong their useful life. It has an EZ Tote carrying handle and is only 19 pounds, so it is a cinch to move around. Its Multi Layered Density Design and Nucleus Center technology make this target last forever. Make sure that you see if it is the broadhead version because I know that they also sell one that only allows you to shoot field points.

Morrell Targets is very passionate about the work that they do and it shows in the products that they are putting out to the consumer. It would be easy for the entire market for targets to say that there is no other way that they could possibly evolve. The major players in the archery target market will not allow this to happen. Morrell plays a big role in continuing innovation and introducing new technologies. Their designs are innovative, so it is no reason that so many bow and crossbow manufacturers have collaborated with them to make specialized targets for their company.