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What to Wear for Archery Practice

Practicing archery with the right equipment and proper clothing is important, even when using a youth bow. Since there are children taking this sport as a hobby, most manufacturers have special gear designed for kids, and they vary depending on their draw length and draw weight. Archery clubs offer beginner lessons for children, and these lessons put a lot of emphasis on safety, since they have to deal with some lethal equipment. Besides gaining access to the clubs’ facilities and helping them improve their skills, enrolling in these clubs encourages them to practice and helps them gain helpful information from other members.Youth Archery Bow

Chestguards, thumb rings, and bracers are among the most basic protective gear. Bracers, also called arm guards, are especially useful for beginners. They prevent clothing from getting caught in the bow sting, protects the bow arm from getting hit by the string and prevent bruises in the process. Arm guards are particularly recommended to those using long bows. Chestguards or plastrons are mostly worn by women archers as protection.

For protection for the hands, archers wear thumb rings, leather tabs or gloves. Some archers prefer thicker gloves, especially when handling heavier bows. Thumb rings or finger tabs keep the drawing fingers protected while shooting. There are cheaper finger tabs available but these can be less comfortable to use. Even when practicing with a youth bow, archers should wear light cotton clothes. They should also avoid loose and long-sleeved baggy clothes since this might get caught in the bow. Some archery facilities advise their members with long hair to tie them back as a safety precaution

Having a proper form is a primary part of every archery practice, because shooting with a wrong posture can take a toll on the upper body and can lead to faster exhaustion and even injury. Archers should keep practicing the right form until it feels natural for them. They should also practice shooting in different positions like kneeling or sitting, since most hunting positions are taken from this stance. Some archers would recommend wearing hunting clothes even during practice, so they can get more comfortable with it once they’re out on the field. And you will find youth bow or archery gears at our website.