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Winchester is synonymous with America. Since 1866, they have been producing products that have left a legacy in the good ol U-S of A. When you see that pioneering logo, you know that you are getting a quality product. There is no cutting corners in Winchesters dictionary.

Since their inception, they have been known for producing innovative and reliable products. In 1991, they partnered up with Granite Security Products to begin producing their cutting edge safes that you all know of today. It is now more than 2 decades later and they are still producing Winchester Safes with some of the most innovative designs with the finest fits and finishes in the business.

In 2012, they moved their business back to their hometown of Fort Worth, Texas. At this facility, they have their production line down to a science. Get this -- a Winchester safe comes off of the production line, ready to ship, every 2.2 minutes. If you are looking for a safe, I suggest checking out the American classic below.

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Winchester Deluxe 45 Ranger 51 Gun Safe with Electric Lock (Black) Winchester Deluxe 45 Ranger 51 Gun Safe with Electric Lock (Black)

- Weight: 935 lbs
- Fire Rating: 1 hour/1400F
- Capacity: up to 51 long guns
- Bolt Size: 1.25"

Sale Price: $2,099.99