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Youth Archery Safety Tips

Youth ArcheryArchery is great sport that can be enjoyed with the entire family. It is particularly a great activity for children because it can teach them great lessons. When they are learning how to shoot, they will be taught about hand-eye coordination. They should be taught about the various different techniques that are used in the sport and how it will affect their shot. Most importantly thought, they should be taught about youth archery safety. Teaching them about the various safety precautions that they must take every time that they are out on the shooting range will make archery a much more enjoyable sport for everyone.

Every sport in the world has to have a set of safety rules, because you never know what could happen. The case for safety rules should be doubly true when you are talking about shooting sports. The number one rule when talking about youth archery is that the shooter should never point the bow at another person. You always hear about those types of accidents on the news because you never know when an accident might occur. Always teach children that they should point their bows downrange or at the ground. Teach them that they should always assume that the bow might accidentally shoot.  

If you have more than one person who is shooting, then you have to make sure that there is a procedure for shooting and retrieving the arrows. Usually, when you are on a range the youth archery instructor will tell the kids when it is safe to shoot and retrieve their arrows. The last thing that you want is to have a child run out onto the range to retrieve his or her arrows when someone else is still shooting. If you have a setup of your own you need to make sure, the child listens to you. If they do not, make sure to sit them out of practice until they do. Youth Archery

You should also teach the children that they should always inspect their bows. All of the great shooters of our times always inspect all of their gear every time that they use it to shoot. This can help the child find something that they might have missed had they not checked it out prior to use. Teach them about the different parts of the bow as well as the different properties and specifications. If a child draws a youth archery bow that is too heavy for them, then they at a greater risk of injuring themselves.

If you make sure that these children follow these rules then there is no reason why they will not fall in love with youth archery. You have to begin their love of the sport by teaching them the fundamentals, properly. If they do not start with the basics of safety, then it will cause a domino effect that will affect everyone who is shooting with them. Make sure to cover these safety rules (at a bare minimum) so that you can prevent as many problems as possible.

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