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Bear Archery Toy Crossbow Bear Archery Toy Crossbow

- Bear Archery Toy Crossbow

Sale Price: $17.99
Bear Archery Toy Blowgun Bear Archery Toy Blowgun

- Bear Archery Toy Blowgun

Sale Price: $14.99
Bear Archery Suction Darts Bear Archery Suction Darts

- Bear Archery Suction Darts

Sale Price: $7.99
Barnett Bandit Toy Crossbow Barnett Bandit Toy Crossbow

- Barnett Bandit Toy Crossbow
- A bright multi-color target
- Three suction-cup dart

Sale Price: $16.99
SAS Toy Crossbow with Sucker Darts SAS Toy Crossbow with Sucker Darts

- SAS Toy Crossbow with Sucker

Sale Price: $15.99

If you want to instill the love and passion of crossbow shooting to your children, what better way to set them up than by getting them a youth crossbow? These smaller-sized crossbows are easier to use, and makes learning to shoot a crossbow a lot more fun.

Besides its compact size, youth-sized crossbows also have a lighter draw weight - just around 25 pounds for most models, so that even the frailest person can pull back the string to set up the bow for the next shot. This makes these types of crossbows pretty popular among the young crossbow enthusiasts.

Youth crossbows also use lighter bolts, so that even though the string has a light draw weight, the bolts can still fly a respectable distance through the air and pierce through most targets.

The only disadvantage of youth crossbows is that they do not have a lot of stopping power, and because of this they are only relegated as training implements that are meant to be used in people's backyards or in training facilities. But even though they are not meant for hunting that does not mean you cannot have a lot of fun using these crossbows. Not only are they training equipment for young hunters, but they can also be used by the entire family for some backyard fun.

Whether you are looking for your older kids' first crossbow, or you are looking for one that you can safely use for target practice in your backyard, then you should get a youth crossbow. Even though it is not powerful enough to take down any kind of wild game (which it is not meant to do) it can still give the budding hunters a chance to hone their skills so that after a couple more years they can shoot full-sized crossbows with ease.