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The Development Of The Blowgun

The blowgun is one particular weapon that has a long and very interesting history. It has been used by a lot of military or as armed forces/groups in the course of human history but unlike other weapons whose use has entirely been relegated to sporting status nowadays the use of blowguns have been particularly limited to a small number of people who know about its existence. Blowguns were of particular use for those who want to stealthily sneak up on their prey or opponent and immobilize or kill them with just one little dart. This method left a particularly clean mark on the victims and upon checking the body for wounds, or punctures, one would have a hard time distinguishing the cause of immobility or death.

Blowguns only recently came into public consideration with the advent of the internet and the fascination that people have of Japanese ninjas and Native American Indians, both in film or in animation. There are however enthusiasts who have made use of blowguns in competition but they are decidedly few and far between with the most notable organization being the International Fukiya Association of which the United States Blowgun Association. Additionally like all sports there are regulations and rules that are to be followed for the competition as well as with the equipment to be used for it.

What is so good about the competitions in this sport is the fact that anyone can easily come up with the equipment to take part in them. There are provisions for the various associations of Fukiya or blowgun that indicate that anyone can use self-made blowguns provided that they are within the standards that were set up for them. For the length of the pipe it would have to be 4 feet and the darts could either be wedge shaped or conical depending on the competition guidelines and the materials for making these could easily be purchased or acquired.